Wavelane Microwave Nuts Puffing and Ripening Equipment

Wavelane Microwave Nuts Puffing and Ripening Equipment


Wavelane Continuous Microwave Nuts Puffing/Ripening Equipment adopts advanced microwave technology to puffing/ripening the nuts and grains, compared with the traditional roasting method, microwave puffing has many advantages like energy-saving, high production quality, no pollution, improve working condition, etc.

Equipment Application:
Wavelane microwave food puffing & ripening equipment is mainly suitable for drying hazelnut, chestnut, walnut, almond, peanut, melon seeds, pistachios, camellia seeds, seeds, rice, buckwheat and other roasted nuts and grains.

Microwave Nuts Puffing & Ripening Equipment Features and Advantages
1. New developed environmental nuts and grains puffing & ripening processing equipment, overcome the traditional equipment backward and low output capacity disadvantage. 

2. The whole equipment adopts food grade stainless steel, beautiful appearance, fine workmanship, easy to clean and maintenance
3. Using the imported high precision infrared temperature detector to monitoring the processing temperature so that to guarantee the quality of the products.
4. Automatic PLC control and touch screen, easy to operate.
5. Belt conveyor structure to adjust the production speed.
6. Drying ,ripening and sterilizing uniformity, improved the quality of the products both in good color and smell.
7. Microwave leakage value≤1mW/cm2(national standard≤5mW/cm2)



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